Open Season Open Season album cover
Open Season
Apr 25, 2006

Open Season is a mash-up of remixes, collaborations, and rare tracks, featuring GONZALES, MOCKY, APOSTLE OF HUSTLE, THE POSTAL SERVICE, K-OS, FRISBEE'D, READYMADE FC, JANE BIRKIN, DO RIGHT, AND VV. It includes intimate demo and acoustic versions, dance and rare groove remixes, collaborations with other singers, covers of her material and even songs Feist recorded that didn't originally make it on Let It Die.

Track Listing: Stream Album
  • One Evening (Gonzales solo piano)
  • Inside+Out (Apostle of Hustle unmix live at the BBC)
  • Mushaboom (Mocky mix)
  • Gatekeeper (One Room One Hour mix)
  • Lonely Lonely (Frisbee'd mix)
  • Mushaboom (k-os mix)
  • Snow Lion (with Readymade FC)
  • Tout Doucement
  • The Simple Story (with Jane Birkin)
  • Lovertits (with Gonzales)
  • Mushaboom (The Postal Service mix)
  • Gatekeeper (Do Right mix)
  • One Evening (VV mix)
  • When I Was A Young Girl (VV mix)
  • Mushaboom (VV mix)

Open Season